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    © Photo: Warm-up with Robert at the Kambarage school
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    © Photo: Ball games at the Kambarage school
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    Karibuni - Welcome

    The „Friends of Karagwe" is a private association of volunteers and educators who give children in northwestern Tanzania the opportunity to spend their free time.

    Our focus lies in providing playful concepts and learning contents - the goal: children should learn responsibility and become ambassadors for cooperation!

    Karagwe, Kagera

    Where we work

    The Karagwe district is located in the north-west of Tanzania and is home to about 450.000 people, most of them farmers with an income of less than $1.50/day. Due to the small number of conurbations, children and young people have hardly any access to regular sports activities.

    Sports equipment is usually expensive and the principle of "learning by playing" plays a minor role in the school system.

    Map of Karagwe, Kagera

    Impressions of 1st Karagwe Schul-Cup 2017


    Our motivation

    It started with a cup of tea and many questions: Why do students in Karagwe mostly experience their physical education in the classroom? Why do many of them spend their free time in front of the TV or on the street? And could one combine pedagogy, fun and sport in a single format to learn about new facets of friendship and independent development?

    We decided to experiment: self-organized and multicultural, we connected with students of all ages and backgrounds. In a next step, young people with disabilities or inclusion problems shall also be part of our events.

    Our methodology

    With as little material effort as possible, adolescents and teachers get to know new sports and leisure opportunities. Under the direction of an adult volunteer, they meet several times a week, form teams and organise their own circle and warm-up exercises.

    The aim is to inspire self-confidence, make new friendships, and address local history and problems.

    Students and teachers demonstrate what they have learned after three months in a district-wide school competition. Even after this time, we continue to work together.

    Agenda 2020

    Where it began, how to proceed

    Together with our Tanzanian partners and volunteers, we would like to deepen our approach further and offer in the future free spaces for leisure activities for children and young people in Karagwe. And this is how it will look like:

    2017: Establishing networks

    Project start in the second quarter of 2017: Four public schools declare in the "Code of Partnership" that they are prepared to provide time and teachers for a joint afternoon program. The management and implementation of the themes has been carried out by volunteers from three nations from the very beginning and is always completed with a grand school competition, the winners of which benefit the students themselves (water filters, writing materials, etc.).

    2018: An open ear for history & society

    We would also like to develop our sports training courses in terms of content and deal with historical events as well as social issues (e. g. disabilities, role of girls) in a playful and open way. This is done in cooperation with other local organisations. From the second quarter onwards, a paid social worker will be available to help pupils with domestic or school problems.

    2019: Provision of rooms

    What we dream of becomes reality: At a central location, we construc a well-equipped sports and youth centre with regular seminars and contacts for the children! The fact that this unique offer is more than required has already been demonstrated in the numerous discussions with the Tanzanian authorities.

    2020: Developing further

    In a first review, the past three years are being evaluated and adjusted in perspective. We would also like to find the resources and staffmembers to be able to work in remote places and to invite families to our centre with limited resources in the long term.